Round Brilliant – Gray Pristine Moissanite

Round Brilliant – Gray Pristine Moissanite

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Gray is an extremely rare color for mined diamonds, much more rare than canary or brown. Similarly, gray moissanite is much harder to come by than other colors. This is due to the fact that gray moissanite isn’t created deliberately. It is a byproduct of creating white moissanite, whereby the rough comes out gray accidentally. The deeper the gray color the more rare the stone. Most of our grays will be a medium gray color, which is the perfect balance between saturation and sparkle.

Clarity: VS

Color: Fancy Gray

For sizes not listed, please contact us to see if we can create one for you. Please note grays take longer to create because of its rarity. Turnaround times can be 4 to 5 weeks.