Pristine Pure Moissanite Oval
Pristine Pure Moissanite Oval
Pristine Pure Moissanite Oval

Pristine Pure Moissanite Oval

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For most other brands of moissanite, ovals become rounder with each size increase. For example, a 10x8mm oval is rounder than a 6x4mm oval (because of the length-to-width ratio). However, the Harro Gem oval cuts can be made in any dimension, such as 10x7mm or 9x6mm for those who like ovals to be more oval. We also offer oval in a brilliant or crushed iced cut. The brilliant will sparkle more, but the crushed ice has seen a rise in popularity recently. If you are on the fence between two cuts, choose the brilliant because it looks the best in all lighting conditions. If you love crushed ice oval diamonds, then our crushed ice moissanite is the obvious choice.

There is now a new option called “diamond cut”. This cut looks similar to a brilliant cut oval diamond, which will have some crushed ice properties, but will have more crisp faceting than the normal crushed ice.

Here’s a comparison VIDEO

Cut: (1) Brilliant – distinct facets, (2) Crushed Ice – broken up facets, (3) Diamond Cut – In between brilliant and crushed ice.

Clarity: VVS

Color: EF

All moissanite comes with a certificate of authenticity and limited lifetime warranty.